New Year Special Offer 2011

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Special Feel Better Offer to get the New Year started on the right foot!

We know massage can make you feel better but the improvement can be far superior in combination with joint mobilizations!

Time of Service Fee: $25

For an appointment call: 725-6314

Safe and Effective For Achy Stiff Joints

This combination far exceeds massage alone!

Many times we wish we could go for feel good care without the cost of a consult & exam.  We’re offering just that! Moist Heat – Massage (NMT) – Joint Mobilizations

The spine stiffens as we age: Grieve’s Modern Manual Therapy: The Vertebral Column

Age related degeneration is not only due to inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) but also from microtrauma (normal wear & tear) and repair, many times coupled with episodic, excessive, cumulative & repetitive stress and overload injury. Connective tissues do not regenerate if damaged, but are replaced by inferior fibrous scar tissue. (Evans 1980; Hardy 1989). Scar tissue is less flexible. As a consequence we get stiff and achy.

Muscle Response: In stiffened joints, receptors (nerves that sense movement) can cause abnormal muscle facilitation (tightness) (Liebenson, page 19). Thus, stiffened joints can potentially create increased muscle tension.

Supplementing With Hands On Joint Movement Possibly a Key Component

A key dynamic to getting things moving again is the passive (hands-on) component of spinal joint mobilization.

Passive forms of joint movement (hands-on), augments the movement that active stretching and simple massage fails to achieve, ensuring that the hypomobile (stiff) segments are encouraged to regain movement and joint nourishment.

Remobilization: After repeated mobilizations, these joints gradually return to some degree of normalcy. (Maxey; Magnusson) Rehabilitation 2001, p 5)

You’ll Be Pleasantly Pleased With The Results!

You will be pleasantly pleased with how much better you feel after passive joint movement has been performed, especially when you are just feeling a little achy and stiff!

Our tune-ups typically include 10 minutes of moist heat, passive manual therapy, including muscle work; so it’s much like a mini-massage with the extra component of spinal joint mobilization. Typically, these visits are very relaxing and relieving of aches & stiffness. A real feel good experience that likely helps preserve and improve joint & soft tissue flexibility and mobility.

Take advantage of this offer, you’ll be glad you did! Treatment time is approximately 20 minutes.

This offer is for uncomplicated back and neck discomfort and stiffness.

For an appointment call: 725-6314

Offer Expires Feb 28th 2011

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