If you have sciatic leg pain… I CAN HELP!

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Of all the health care practitioners & specialties, with all the bells & whistles out there in the back care world, very few can reliably make an assessment of your problem and tell you, yes, it’s likely we can help you; (with 90% positive outcome ) or, no, it’s not likely we can help you with your sciatic pain. With the McKenzie Method we can!

I have such great confidence and success now with sciatic pain patients, that years ago, before learning this protocol, would have failed trial after trial of different treatment strategies by multiple healthcare providers.

Some sciatic problems do not respond and may indeed require surgery, but that should always be a last resort treatment.

I’m still always amazed when a patient comes in bent over 90 degrees with leg pain to the foot and they walk out upright, without leg pain!

If you or someone you know has mild to severe sciatic pain, it’s well worth a try!

Don’t go through weeks of unreliable meds, physical therapy, traction or standard chiropractic care with poor results, as most do.

Give us a call at 312 725-6314.

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