A Physical Therapist’s View of Back Care

Posted in Truths About Back & Neck Pain at 11:55 AM by Dr. Greathouse

"The health care system is collapsing.  Eventually (and it's already
happening), people will not be able to afford a gazillion non productive
visits and insurance companies WON'T pay for it."

The above excerpt comes from a physical therapy discussion board and gives you some insight to the turmoil that
that goes on within. The therapists on this board are primarily made up of outcome oriented therapists. They
commonly lament about lack of specificity, over utilization (too many visits) and poor outcomes associated with
many physical therapists and their methods. 

Physical therapists aren't the only healthcare providers who are guilty of these transgressions. Chiropractors
are arguably much worse, at least from my perspective. Surgeons, as well, must face the music.

Meanwhile, healthcare consumers are still faced with finding providers who are goal and outcome oriented, offering
clinically indicated services with known outcome expectations.

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