Declaring war on crap food habits!

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We’re declaring war on crap food habits! We grazed all day on organic bananas, oranges, sliced cucumbers, and fresh pealed and chopped beets (yes, beets). We also had kiwi for a special snack. Enough of the fatty foods, salty, sugary, refined, processed foods, and simple carbs (that turn to fat). Not to mention, we eliminated the pesticide residues from the fruit & veggies. By the way, the beets taste great, similar to raw carrots, but sweeter & softer, and are supposed to be effective at reducing high blood pressure.

Our organic fruit & veggie supplier is Danielle, in Melbourne Beach. A big perk is that the cost is comparable to nonorganic prices and sometimes cheaper than store bought! For those of you who buy organic, you realize that’s a big plus!

Below please find a notice from Danielle with contact information.

Hello. I just wanted to remind you that we will be receiving a fresh delivery of Organic fruits and vegetables on Tuesdays.  The food will be available from 1PM-6PM (possibly earlier if the truck arrives sooner than expected-feel free to call us to check- 321-373-4599) this Tuesday (5100 Palm DR).  Please note that if you are not able to make it during this time, we completely understand.  Feel free to call us for other times and arrangements at 321-373-4599.  Please note this is a co-op with the intention of delivering fresh, healthy, and cost effective produce to our neighbors and friends. If you think you may be interested this week, please reply to jgilberts@cfl.rr.com .  This will allow us to order appropriately for the amount of people interested.

Please note, all items are a la carte–you choose what works for you.

Special Order Items–Please let us know if you are interested in any of the following so we can pre-order the correct amount:

Organic Eggs (dozen)

Young Thai Coconuts

Organic Isreali Medjoul Dates (#)

Biodynamic Raisins (#)

Biodynamic Almonds (#)

Please feel free to forward this to any of your friends or neighbors who may be interested…

Thank you!



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