Back Pain Like A Box of Chocolates

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Back & Neck Pain Treatment

Best Guess vs. Pattern Recognition

When it comes to back and neck pain there’s no shortage of opinion as to what’s causing it and how to treat it. It never ceases to amaze me as to what patients think is causing their pain or what someone else told them it likely is. Just by virtue of the fact that there is such disparity in these opinions (professional and layman), one has to realize that they all can’t be correct, no matter how logical they may seem. This is corroborated by past and current outcome studies, of which, to put it simply, stink! Bear in mind this includes all specialties and most forms of care, from surgeons to voodoo doctors; not to mention chiropractors, which, by the way, are still considered not far from voodoo doctors in some circles.

Most health care providers stick with their own unique training for clinical reasoning, most of which is based on “hypothetico-deductive reasoning (Jones 1992: Terry & Higgs 1993) or what is also called “best guess management” and is much like trying to pick the best candy from a box of chocolates, you never really know if it will work. Best Guess is a relatively scientific approach but back problems have proven to be difficult to successfully treat, and as indicated above, the outcomes with best guess management are poor.

More valid and reliable models have been developed but not fully embraced by the health care delivery system, and are based on “pattern recognition”.

We utilize pattern recognition assessment and care and subsequently have experienced greatly improved outcomes over orthodox chiropractic and physical therapy protocols alone.

Probably the most dramatic or demonstrable example is with the severe sciatic pain patient. A high percentage of the time we can successfully assess, properly treat and achieve significant pain relief and increased function on the first visit.

If you are experiencing headache, neck, back, sciatic or other extremity joint problems, give us a try. We are outcome oriented and we don’t mess around with unending visits. Your problem is assessed and screened for likely success or not in short order. For those who fit the pattern, outcome success is high. For those who do not, a timely and appropriate referral is given.

Don’t mess around with “best guess” care!

Save time & money with a more valid & reliable assessment and treatment approach.

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