Is your spine (what the French call) Les Incompetents?

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Remember this Home Alone movie memorable quote…

“You know, Kevin, youre what the French call les incompetents”

More specifically, is your disc(s) incompetent? If it is, you might need back or neck surgery. If it isn’t then I can probably help you.

An incompetent disc is a disc herniation or rupture where the center gel substance (nucleus) has extruded all the way through the disc wall, like a hole in a jelly donut. In some cases the inner disc walls can be so damaged that the gel center off centers in multiple directions, incapable of re-centering. This, too, is a degenerative form of disc incompetence.

When the disc is incompetent, your conservative (nonsurgical) recovery potential reduces. The good news is most disc problems aren’t incompetent and the bulging/protrusion can be reduced and stabilized in many cases. With disc reduction, leg/arm symptoms abolish and local back and neck pain abolish as well!

Through reliable examination we can determine if the disc is competent and what kind of treatment will reduce and correct the problem. Most back/neck problems are disc related. Do not have back or neck surgery before having a McKenzie (MDT) examination!

We do McKenzie!

Protrusion Reduction

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