Headaches & Cold Laser Care

Posted in Cold Laser at 2:34 PM by Dr. Greathouse

Cervicogenic Headaches can be successfully treated with laser therapy

Cervicogenic headaches result from biomechanical issues generally in the subcranial region of the neck (base of the skull) as it articulates with the upper cervical spine. When experiencing this headache, most people grab an aspirin or some other over-the-counter remedy, which may or may not provide temporary help. Addressing the underlying condition though involves joint manipulation, stretching, therapeutic exercise and activities to correct posture. Joint restriction can disturb sensitive structures of the neck. For example, a nerve constriction can cause a headache to radiate throughout the entire craniofacial region.

There are many well understood causes for these headaches–grinding and clenching teeth, bad posture, stress, TMJ/TMDs…

Low level laser therapy provides a non-pharmacological tool to facilitate the physical therapy involved in improving the conditions that ultimately alleviate these headaches.

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