Attorneys as Back Pain Doctors?

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Attorneys as back pain doctors…

Yes! At least they would get to the bottom of things. I’m sure you’ve all heard on TV “Your honor, I object! That’s irrelevant.”  The same holds true for back and neck problems, especially now with MRI, which identifies all kinds of abnormalities, few of which are the cause of or relevant to the painful experience the patient is suffering from. Many patients are labeled with surrogate diagnoses followed by treatment that results in wasted time and money.

Evidence based research & study is now bringing to light the fact that we are failing miserably when it comes to treating benign back and neck problems; which, by-the-way, accounts for 80 to 90% of all back & neck problems. Unfortunately there’s nobody to object to or to sustain/overrule whether the findings are relevant or not. This is kind of like the fox in the henhouse, so to speak, in some situations.

Subsequently, cost has sky rocketed and outcomes and disability are actually worse. We keep coming up with bigger and better ways to diagnose and treat but we’re not getting better! Attorneys would at least determine what’s relevant and what’s not before further addressing the problem.

Probably the biggest issue with spine pain is the disc herniation; likely the scariest and most worrisome of findings. While in fact, it’s very common and not relevant in most cases. Studies are now revealing we commonly have degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis and disc herniations but don’t have back pain or leg pain.

See my website for some answers on disc herniations.


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