Medical Monopoly?

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Chiropractic: Too Little Too Late?

See Medical Inc. links below!

If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m a bit of a chiropractic heretic. Don’t get me wrong, chiropractic manipulative therapy works wonders on mechanical problems of the spine and extremities but the other health claims to fame are not responsibly or professionally addressed by the profession as a whole and thus many field doctors fail to address informed consent for treatment of what is called somatovisceral disorders. Somatovisceral in the chiropractic sense means treating other illnesses or symptoms such as infantile colic, heartburn, hypertension, etc…, by means of spinal manipulation. While there’s anecdotal evidence of good results along these lines of thought, the scientific evidence of such forms of care is far from valid & reliable.

Chiropractors will argue that the medical establishment does the same thing and on a grander scale but this argument fails to support the fact that what we are doing is right.

The following trailers look good and I’m sure will expose some extraordinary issues within the medical profession. Hopefully there’s some introspection within all health care disciplines as well.

I haven’t seen the DVD in it’s entirety as of yet but did want to get the information out there.

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Medical Inc. (links below)


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