Headache Testimonial

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“I had headaches for the better part of forty (40) years. At one point my internal medicine doctor told me they were caused by three thing; stress, hormonal imbalance and heredity. His answer was pain pills! Over the years I have tried acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and various other things. Until Dr. Greathouse discovered the use of laser treatment, I’ve lived my life around terrible headaches. Now I have a life and am so excited about this treatment. I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from headaches!”

Thanks for the testimonial Anne!

Health neuroscience is still in its infancy with regard to headaches. Some drugs are very effective and some are not. Some drugs come with unwanted side effects as well as long-term use ill effects. So, it’s nice to find an alternative form of care that has no side effects. Even better, it’s nice to find how to prevent or self treat your headaches!

There are natural alternatives out there!

Anne was a patient, who used to treat with me for headache relief by means of manual therapy, and this helped, but we found she obtained longer lasting relief with the combination of manual therapy and the application of cold laser.

Another much younger patient with chronic recurrent headaches recently benefited with a simple neck exercise that commonly relieves headaches. His initial care began with passive movement provided by means of manual therapy and quickly evolved to active care (self treatment). Nothing beats the liberating experience of not having to use a medication or see a healthcare provider.

Some of the alternative treatments for headache care that we utilize include:

  • Manual therapy (mobilization & massage)
  • Cold laser
  • Electric stimulation
  • Ultrasound (therapeutic)
  • McKenzie MDT (very effective & geared toward self care)
  • Diet assessment
  • Supplements, herbal, homeopathic

We can ascertain if you will be responsive to care in relatively short order.  There’s never a charge for an initial consult. If you are suffering from headaches and are looking for a viable alternative to medication, please give us a call.

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