Depression & Anxiety – Food For Thought

Posted in Mental Health at 3:52 PM by Dr. Greathouse

Mood altering medication is big business nowadays, but it’s not without risk. The meds themselves are implicated with suicidal and homicidal tendencies as some experts have eluded to in the Sandy Hook massacre.

I asked a patient recently if he would be interested in natural alternatives to the mood meds he was taking. Although I explained he should do this under medical supervision, he expressed he was afraid to go off the medication because his depression might return. It’s wonderful he has the depression under control but he did express his concern with the side effects of his medication, some of which are quite alarming! But, none-the-less, he felt he must remain on the medication. It’s a classic catch 22 whereby you must give up health or risk other ill health issues to maintain health. Which is the worse of the two evils? But, if there’s a valid & reliable alternative that’s effective and safer, why would one not explore that possibility?

At any rate, here’s a link with some information that  leads to alternative ways to effectively manage some common mental/psychological issues.


Remember, always work with your attending physician with these matters.

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