Cold Laser, Major League Relief

Posted in Cold Laser at 10:08 AM by Dr. Greathouse

Cold laser therapy devices have been in professional sports and the olympics for many years now. It’s currently now becoming more and more popular and used for the general population as well. Studies have shown that impaired or damaged cells elicit a stronger response to cold light than healthy cells, indicating that light produces the most beneficial effect towards where it’s needed most. Damaged cells absorb and become energized by photon energy. This function has been documented with thousands of clinical studies over the past 30 years. The stimulation produces ATP production and dramatically reduces inflammation,
pain and swelling. Therefore, this modality may be considered a healing process device as it augments compromised tissues and allows the body to heal.

Conditions that respond to cold laser include almost any musculoskeletal problem. This might include shin splints, tendinitis, rotator cuff strain, postsurgical knee pain, arthroscopic portal treatment, planter fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, Morton’s neuromas, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, low back pain, tennis elbow, ankle sprains, shoulder sprains, and just about any other muscle joint problem you can think of. Our patient highlight includes Edna, who had low back region pain, which we ultimately narrowed down to a sacroiliac problem. Edna responded well to the blocking techniques in an effort to improve on asymmetry of the pelvis, however, she responded even more favorably with the addition of cold laser into the sacroiliac Joint.

On her last visit she told me she felt so good she forgot her cane!

Thanks for allowing me to share Edna.